Re: The Book of Enoch Exposed: (The Defense)

I agree, believers,and even non believers would benefit from the knowledge held in this book, as well as the book of Jasher, and many other Apocryphal books.

The Truth & The Light Ministries

I’ve been receiving a lot of ignorant comments concerning the book of Enoch from a lot of well meaning folks out there.A lot of their comments are taken from an article written by the writter of jesus-is-savior.com

I am writing this article in order to answer future questions about the book, since doing so in individual basis seems to be a never ending task.

I will answer the points found in jesus-is-savior.com, but before I do, I will open my defense of Enoch with the following statements:

The book of Enoch was written about 4000 years before the birth of Christ and also predates all the books in the bible.
Before the Old Testament, people were reading the Book of Enoch.

Point # 1 The bible says that Enoch walked with God 365 years before God took him alive into heaven. So are we led to believe that such…

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