There seems to be a lot of controversy whether there is One God, working as three separate, and distinct persons, but, still in a union to make up a Godhead of three persons, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. This seems to be an accepted definition of the Christian Theology describing the Judeo – Christian God of the Bible. The term ” trinity ” came into the language of this world from, the begining. Many have written, spoken, and taught on the term ” TRINITY ” used to describe the God of Holy Scriptures. I’m not typing these words for one to follow, nor am I attempting to introduce another Jesus, as so many have done in the past; and still do today, God forbid, GAL. 1:8 & 9. There is one church, today, that is teaching and preaching another Jesus; BEWARE! They teach that Jesus is a ( born ), created son, not begotten. Another disturbing teaching is that God is reproducing Himself. He, God, ” begets ” Spirit begotten and Spirit led human beings. Correct me if I’m wrong, Is Jesus The Only Begotten Of The Father, Or Have I, And The Church Been Lied To By God? I know of no other ” SONS ” of God that were begotten by Him. The angels are sons of God, but, like us, are created beings. Now, in EX. 6:9; and in PS. 2:7 we find the first written declaration by God to us, through Moses, and David, by His Holy Spirit, that Jehovah is His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. In the beginning God said let us make man in our likeness and image, GEN. 1:26. This is important to understand if we are to understand the term TRINITY applied to describing God. Maybe TRINITY does not refer as much as we define persons as it does mean a part of God’s character; a ” part ” meaning one of several equal amounts, numbers, quantities, etc., which, when combined, constitutes a whole, The New Lexicon WEBSTER’S ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, ( PG. 732 part 1, noun ) By the use of the plural personal pronoun, GOD, in verse 26, Our Lord reveals to us a second part of Himself not revealed before, but still, from the beginning of creation, He never hid Himself from us. The Hebrew language used the word ” ELOHIM “, which is a plural pronoun to further describe the God of creation. We see this repeated in several places in Holy Writ; GEN.3:22; GEN. 11:7; PS. 2:2-4; ISA. 6:8; JOHN 14:23; JOHN 17:11, 21, 22 The Divine Trinity is defined as three separate and distinct beings, but not really stating that there are three gods. There is but one God, and there is none beside Him, ISA. 45:5. There is no difference than anything else in creation, ROM. 1:20. If God is incomprehensible? If there is nothing on earth to resemble Him? If He is a bodiless being? If He is three beings in one being? If His image is only moral and spiritual? If descriptions of His body and bodily parts are not true and real? If He is an invisible nothingness floating in nowhere? If this is what God is why did he not say this instead of what He did say? However, we need clarification of the Holy Spirit. JOHN, the one who JESUS loved, had the full revelation of the Godhead. In his gospel he begins with the revelation so the world would not be confused, JOHN 1:1, ” In the beginning was the Word, then in GEN. 1:2, ( get a bowl of water and as close as you can get say something above the surface of the water and watch your word, ( your spirit ), move the water, JOHN 6:63; MATT.17:5. The Word was with God, PROV. 8:4-9. And the Word was God, GEN. 1:3, JOHN 1:4,5; JOHN 3:19; JOHN 8:12; JOHN 9:5; JOHN 12:36,46. The same was in the beginning with God, GEN. 1:26;27; EX. 6:3; PROV. 8:22- 30. Verse 30 leaves no doubt of who Jesus is, JOHN 1:3; John 10:30; JOHN 14:9,10; and it goes on. Jehovah gave ” Himself “, GEN. 22:8, to be the sacrifice for sins of mankind. The Father asked and He obeyed, JOHN 1:14. However, the church that I mentioned earlier says that we that believe such a doctrine are following doctrines of men. Lovingly I rebuke them, and all who believe such wicked, and evil heresies. Even man has a soul and dwells in the temple of our flesh, and our flesh being our right hand doing the bidding of what the mind of our soul tells it to do, and our word, when spoken, is our spirit, which is no less than a full expression of us; our soul, flesh, and word all acting in unison as one.; If you see me you see the visible me, COLOSSIANS 1:15, my soul, which is invisible, dwells inside the temple of my flesh, ( my own wisdom and understanding ), my mind, ROM. 12:2, and when I speak, my spirit is revealed and my children receive it, JOHN 6:63; I COR. 2:13. People wonder how to test spirits? Our Lord Jesus Christ had answered that, and also the apostles, you ask them who they follow. You see, no man can say that Jesus Christ is Lord but by the Holy Ghost, I COR. 12:3. Question them! Now, this apostle of Satan says, ” TOGETHER, THE PASSAGES, ( JOHN 1:1-3; AND 14 ), SHOW A FAMILY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE FATHER AND JESUS THE SON – WHO ARE BOTH GOD, BUT SEPARATE BEINGS . THEY THOUGHT OUT AND PLANNED THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE TOGETHER “. In another place they claim that, ” THE BIBLE MAKES PLAIN THAT THERE ARE TWO BEINGS IN THE GODHEAD–THE FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST “. This is so heretical, you can’t make this stuff up. The church I speak of is called the Restored Church of God. HMMF! Two Beings, ISA. 45:6,14,18,21,22; 46:9; 47:10; JOEL 2:27; MATT. 19:17; MARK 10:18; LUKE 18:19. Too much proof that makes what David C. Pack a denial of God, and who He is. He denies the Holy Spirit, outright, and has no problem with doing that. He claims it is nothing more than power, in the secular sense. He forgets, or, disregards the fact that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God. I see three aspects, functions, or ” persons “, without a better term back in the year of 325 A.D. at the council of Nicea when this doctrine was adopted. If it’s not of God it will fade away, but if it is of God; who wants to wrestle with the Lord? This doctrine has been with us almost 2000 years. However, God loves us so much that He never wanted us to not to know Him. He said that two cannot walk together unless they be one, in what? SPIRIT! Two must believe the same. They must share the same spirit. Our Lord Jesus Christ had told us to worship God, singular, in Spirit and in Truth, in word and deed, Matt. 10:20; I Thess. 2:13. This doctrine has been with us from the beginning of GENESIS. Keep your eyes and ears open. God told us that His Word would not return void, Isa. 55:11; Matt. 24:35; Ps. 119:89. There are wolves, even within the church, standing behind the pulpits leading people astray with enticing words. This problem is very real in the church, today. If we haven’t, let us pray that our Lord will grant us the gift of discernment to keep from being persuaded to follow that which is not of God, our Redeemer, and Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you keep yourself.



  1. The reason for the mix-up (besides Satan), is due to the confusion of the genealogy, actually mixing up the two Yoseph’s in Miriams’ life. One was her Father, from the line of King DavDavid, which qualifies Yehushua as the Mashiah, and the other is her spouse – Yoseph.
    It was common knowledge Miriam was pregnant when Yoseph married her, so the Jews called Yehushua a bastard.
    Then to add to the confusion, we see two Apostles saying two different things regarding the two Josephs.



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