In this world that we live in we see, and hear so many things it’s hard to figure out who, or what is right. In my own travels in life I’ve had to search, and research as to what direction I should go in life. It sounds easier than what it is. You become backboard to all sorts of information directed at you. Each message brings with it different challenges than the other. None are the same. As for myself, and I know I’m not alone, I still read, study, research, observe, and pray that I’m on the right track. For certain subjects there are still some difficulties in defining the exact meaning of what is being conveyed by words or in print.

However, I think we can both agree, that there are some subjects that are hard to misunderstand. As a Christian I am very intrigued with the early languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, and the different hues of color put on subjects that my native language of English has also adapted. I’ve noticed that the English language can be complicated as much as it is lacking in definition. A good example is the word to, too, and two. They all sound the same, but all are very dissimilar. Each word has a meaning unlike the other. Then you have a word like zoo that we know what is being said. Previously we needed to apply the context of the wording surrounding the word to, too, and two, to understand the meaning of the word used in the statement.


In contrast to what some believe, what if I say that a commonly used word in the English language can be totally used to transmit a thought that is much more in depth than the shallow confines of our understanding? As an example we can use the word dice. This word is commonly used in the culinary profession, and in the kitchen, and, or cooking areas of one’s home around the world. We dice all sorts of food whether it is vegetable or meat. This word is also used for a game played with these cubed shaped game pieces. Again, however, as simple as this word might appear it also has a bit of difficulty attached to it. As these complications arise there seems to be a lack of knowledge of some words.


If I say, I DIG EARTH. “, what am I saying? I could be saying that I like our planet earth. I could also mean that I dig dirt from the earth. One word with a meaning that, unless understood by the context of a conversation, you would not know what I mean. Although, there are words we use often, and yet we have no knowledge of it’s total meaning. I am not putting blame on any one of us, but we are all guilty of misusing words when another word should be used, and, sometimes in conjunction with another word.




These are two totally different words. Neither are the same, but seem to share in a common definition with each other. Now comes the perplexity of man’s intelligence when we come to words like this. Humanity has come to believe that these words, both, are just defined as concerning themselves in the description of an act of reproduction in the plant and animal kingdom, ” SEX “. That can’t be! This word explains the characteristic structures and functions by which a plant or animal is classed as male or female, ( the new lexicon Websters Encyclopedic Dictionary; Deluxe Edition ). Now, logically, we cannot used either of these words to describe characteristics, and functions of plants and animals, however, humans are in a class of it’s own. Despite what some say, we are not part of the animal kingdom. They are in a class of their own, as well as the plant kingdom.


Let’s define the word ” ADULTERY “. From the same ref. book, above, all the uses, not so much exclusive, but also inclusive are the definitions: from the root word adult which means a mature, fully grown person that has passed from adolescence; also from the root word adult comes adulterant which is used for defining an agent with this property, ( character ), used in adulterating; still from the root word adult comes the word adulterate that means to make mixtures, ( marriages, the mix of a woman and a man that are joined ), medicines, and make them impure, to make impure, to debase by the addition of an inferior ingredient, to corrupt, ( the addition of anything within the borders of the confidence and integrity of anything solid, fluid, tangible, intangible, seen or unseen, agreements, contracts, etc. ); again from the root word adult comes adulterine describing one , or something being spurious and false; adulterous is a word which is rooted from the word adult meaning that is of or characteristic of adultery, to commit adultery; and, finally, the word adultery, [ changed when translated to Latin, adulterium, to include], voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man with a woman other than his wife or of a married woman with a man other than a woman; and an adulterer is a man who commits adultery; and, also an adulteress is a woman who commits adultery. As we can see the word adultery can mean the changing of a contract, the changing of the confidence and integrity of another part of a contract or mixture, the addition of false and spurious elements into a contract or mixture, to make a contract or mixture impure, and the addition of an inferior ingredient, ( man, woman, words, thoughts, etc. ), to make void the purity of something.


The word ” FORNICATION ”  comes from the word fornicate which means to commit fornication. Fornication is the voluntary act of sexual intercourse of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. And, a fornicator is one who commits fornication. We see that this word only defines the sexual act between a man and a woman who are unmarried. It is for this reason that the word adultery and fornication are used to define the illicit sexual acts between men and women inside and outside the confines of marriage. Not to diminish what is trying to be transferred to us is that the word adultery means more than just the illicit physical act of sex between people. It’s definition encapsulates so much more.


In the gospel of JOHN 13: 34 our Lord gave us a new commandment to love one another as He has loved us. He strengthens His commandment with the assertion of Who He Is in JOHN 14:11. And if that declaration wasn’t enough He exclaimed in no uncertain terms, ” If you love me, keep my commandments “, JOHN 14:15, 23, & 24. In JOHN 15:7,10-22, God tells us to love one another as He loves us. Those of us who have His Holy Spirit know how to love one another because He has shown us, and told us how to love Him. In the first commandment of His Ten Commandments our Lord, and our God had told us, and had written down how to love Him. If we follow His new commandment of loving each of us, who believes as He loves us, then He must be saying that we must love each other that way because He lives in each of us who believe. In EXODUS 20:3-6 we are introduced to to the Ten Commandments of God for us to obey. He, God, explains more thoroughly His commands that He had written in stone for us to follow in DEUTERONOMY 6:4-6.  In DEUTERONOMY 32:46 we are commanded to observe all Ten Commandments. Now, You will say, ” we are now under grace “!


Yes we are, and there is no denying it. So am I suggesting we follow the written law? God forbid! But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law; GALATIANS 5:22 & 23. However, that First Commandment of God is etched on my heart. To learn how to love Him, and how He wants to be loved I had to listen to Him, I KINGS 19:12. His spoken Word, be it from a pulpit, family, friend, or listening to Him from reading His Word, is the only way to know what He is saying TO ME, and TO YOU. God is love and I instinctively know how to love. Oh, there are those who claim they don’t, but they do and deny it. I demand, as well as every person, to be loved with one’s whole heart, mind, ( soul ), and strength. That is not unrealistic. We all want someone to have our back in good times and in bad. That makes a good marriage. To have someone who will love us with all they have to offer is the height, width, and depth of what anyone wants: somebody who is faithful in all things. On the other hand, break that trust and prepare to lose it all, unless grace is bestowed upon you, MATTHEW 7:19; I CORINTHIANS 5:1-13; however, in verse 5 the brother, or sister in fornication is committing adultery, also, and we are told to pray to have Satan destroy their flesh. In the next verse we are told that just a little leaven will leaven the entire lump. ONLY ADD ONE DROP OF IMPURITY, AND THE WHOLE BECOMES IMPURE. Fancy that!


The seriousness of one to commit adultery, and, or fornication requires nothing short of total destruction, GENESIS 20:3.  JOB 31: 1,9-12 points out the very punishment of such a crime, or iniquity, and sin, DEATH.  There is no escaping it.  In JOHN 8:4 & 5 we see how Jesus never disputed the law, but He had invoked His grace which His law teaches. Oh, the laws command that we obey, but teach us that we can’t obey the entire Ten Commandments perfectly, MATTHEW 5:28. Jesus said that there could not be a decree of divorce except for fornication. We have seen that fornication is sex, and the physical contact of one person with another not married to each other. Even the very thought, we are taught, deserves the total destruction of one’s entire existence, MATTHEW 5:32. In verse 28 we can’t deny the thought of lust with another is adultery.


We don’t associate these these things with lust, but also the lust of all the world has to be put aside in order to keep us free from adultery; MATTHEW 5:28; MARK 4:19; JOHN 8:44. We must be consciencely committed towards God as we are to be in our earthly marriage. We take our God too lightly, and try to fashion Him into what we want Him to be. As some do with their spouses here in this world, they behave in a way as though God is One Who can be changed. They are deceived, and follow their own lusts; II TIMOTHY 4:3; JUDE 16-18.


There is a story that is very relevant to what we are speaking about. We need to learn from others. We need to insulate ourselves from what may tempt us to stray.  And, as we have learned, sex need not be the factor which seduces us to commit adultery. The infidelity portrayed by those who indulge in such practices put those who are in a marriage with them in tremendous emotional distress. Emotional infidelity is so prominent that it is widely overlooked, that they would hear nothing of it. It surrounds us, and we are blind to it.


The story is so riveting, it will describe our world today. When people put their emotional needs outside their marriage, it breaks the bond of marriage. Even if you don’t touch another person, you still used that person to relate to, even if just in thought, and in doing so you turn your spouse away. Do not excuse brief encounters with the opposite sex with the ” everybody does it ” attitude. If they really don’t matter then why not stop them? Is it the the emotional titillation you get from them? Having a harmonious relationship with this world will put at odds, not only with your spouse here on earth, but with your spouse in heaven. To think your relationship is innocent is a lie, it causes you to see your spouse in a negative way. By sharing your emotions, and, even your spiritual self with others is, in fact, stepping outside the perimeter set by you amd your spouse when you both decided to become one in matrimony; AMOS 3:3.


The opposite sex is exactly what is at the center of the story that I am about to tell you. Keep in mind the reality of this story. Just one drop will contaminate the entire solution. The physical aspect of the affair isn’t as damaging as the intimate and emotional connection made to get to that point of adultery. As a parent I had been very aware what my children were up to. I’m not saying I’m perfect, nobody is, however, we did our best to instill the precepts of right and wrong. This story is very on point to how we should be in our relationship with God and our spouse.


As dad was helping mom making the dinner that evening their two children came into the kitchen and asked if they could see a movie the next evening with two of their friends from the neighborhood. Dad asked what the rating was of that particular movie. The daughter replied, saying that it was a PG 13 rating. Their father asked why it was rated PG 13? His son said that there were a couple of scenes with nudity in them. Dad told them that he would think about it and give them an answer latter that evening, after dinner.


It’s been a while since the family had finished with their dinner, and mom and dad were now making a batch of cookies; chocolate chips. Their son and daughter returned to the kitchen and ask their father if he had made a decision. He said that he had, but he would appreciate both of them to make another batch of cookies. During the process dad had gone outside with a teaspoon and scooped up some dirt from the back yard. When he returned to kitchen he poured the dirt into the cookie batter. Both the son and daughter were astonished at what their father had just done and his daughter said that there was no way she would eat, even, a crumb from any of those cookies. Dad chuckled, and his son asked him why he did that? He said that it was only a little bit and it wouldn’t be enough contamination to affect anyone.


The daughter was very upset, as well as the son. It was dad who came to them and asked if they understood what, and why he did what he did? They both said that they had no idea.  So dad explained how just a little dirt could contaminate the entire batch, and that there was no way to save it. It had to be destroyed. It was of no use for consumption though it was only a very small amount of dirt added to the mix. He said that the same principle applied to the movie. They asked their father, how? He said that the story line may be wholesome, but the few scenes of nudity contaminated the entire movie, and that they were not permitted to watch such productions. He said that even though they weren’t in the scenes themselves the viewing of those scenes would encourage then to imagine thoughts that weren’t appropriate for either one of them, despite how they and their friends thought about the movie.


Their father went on to say that they would leave that theater with false assumptions of life that would not serve them well. He explained that when Hollywood produces a romantic movie they show the romance and the wedding, but never do they follow through on the marriage. It is because it’s not all fun and games, it takes a lot of work to have what people call a good marriage. The same holds true with our relationship with our Lord. He said that if we just had thoughts of lust with someone other than our spouse we were guilty of adultery, and that at their age they would be guilty of fornication. As a parent he could not justify allowing them to view the film.





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