I have given the subjects discussed in the letter to the ROMANS, in chapter 8, and verses 15, and 16, a second, fourth, fiftieth, and when the full impact that was trying to be conveyed I had a real compelling need to explain what I had seen. Granted, many have had this knowledge revealed to them, but there are more people stuck on the definitions given to us in the dictionaries presently available to us to use. Even before we consult such works of Grammatical perfection we lean on our own understanding of what the words mean. More often than not, we have already formed a defining concept of what the words we hear, and see; whether they be these two words, or others. This is the advantage of having an intelligence. We have the ability to define a word by the way it is used in our language. From infancy we hear words spoken and begin to develop, within ourselves, our own personal dictionary; defining each word as we see fit.


We become familiar to our surroundings as we do with the language that we use. Our voices determine the definition of every word we use through the context of it’s usage. A good example is contrived by a phrase used quite often by men to extend to others that a distortion can be made  in defining words to describe, explain, and fully extend one’s understanding of what is being said. This phrase, ” It’s not what you said, but how you said it “,  has been spoken over the waters of the deep by so many people. The tone of our voice, also, greatly sets the definition as to what is being said, and the urgency the word, or words that need to be heeded. The correct usage of words, in conjunction with other words, also contributes to our comprehension of what is being said.


If I use such a word as, ” made “, confirms, and exhibits what I am saying. When I say , ” I made the team “, am I saying that I had literally made the team? Have I gathered all what constitutes of making a team when there was no team, or have I been accepted to partake in all the functions a team is privy to? This is where we must look at what was said before and after that statement. In many instances it is how we say, than what we say that matters when conveying a thought.


However, when we speak of ” melting “, we most certainly envision the act of ice melting. The act of a solid being softened by the introduction of heat, defines the word melting. For others it may be the blending of one substance with another, or, another might define it as the reduction, and the wasting away of a substance. Meanwhile, to another one might understand the word to mean to be the cause to become liquid, or fluid, and to the point of evaporation because of the process of dissolvement; the total dissipation, disappearance, and absolute vanishing of that particular substance.


Through adoption we are chosen, selected, made to assume, taken as one’s own, (child ), and embraced by the one who has elected to make us heirs of ALL that He is master of His proprietorship. We, as heirs of God, our Creator, receive our new status with a SPIRIT of adoption. That SPIRIT is given to us freely by the One who has paid the ransom for our souls. There is but one stipulation, it is our responsibility to recognize the price that was paid for us, and to give freely our service to the One who had sparked the enthusiasm within us. It is that SPIRIT of adoption that the Father of all spirits has given to all those He has named to be His heirs. He has given to us a SPIRIT of freedom to do what God wants us to do, putting behind all the wants and lusts of our flesh.


Now, this SPIRIT of adoption does not provide liberty to do whatever we want to do. Although, there are those that think because we have freedom from the law due to our adoption they make God’s Word of no affect. What we have is the freedom to undo the shackles binding us to this world through our flesh because of sin. By God’s mercy we are free from the death that sin provides. The SPIRIT of adoption gives us the liberty to want to do the law written on our hearts. We are grateful to our new master and wallow in His grace towards us by rescuing us from the second death.


This is the SPIRIT of liberty, but who’s complaining, the use of the word ” adoption ” has a more powerful meaning. As immediate heirs to the kingdom of our Lord, God, we can come ” boldly ” to His throne with thanksgiving and supplication without fear. We have that SPIRIT of liberty which gives us the authority to approach our Lord, God as ABBA, FATHER, as a child speaks to their father. With this SPIRIT we have the confidence, as sons and daughters to approach our Lord, God crying, daddy, daddy. Oh, how many times has He lifted us up, but to intentionally let us free-fall only to land back into His loving hands. We now live a life filled with gratitude not being double minded to think we can live as we did in the world. It is  this child like spirit that is the SPIRIT of adoption. Like children we are all too eager to imitate our father. Therefore, when the SPIRIT of adoption enters us there begins a work to bring us to the image of God. Even if you believe in His name you are promised to be led by His SPIRIT of adoption to become sons and daughters of God.


In contrast is the Spirit of fear. God, in His infinite wisdom, will use His Spirit to convict us of the bondage that we are already in because of sin. Our fallen flesh is in constant bondage to sin which in turn leads to eternal damnation. All of us have been bought to free us from the bondage of this world, from it’s fashions and customs, freedom from the bondage of the flesh, and from bondage from fear from men. This bondage is carnal, the work of the flesh, and of sin, and of the devil.


The law draws us to the knowledge that we cannot fulfill the law, and all of our works are insufficient to allow us entry into God’s kingdom of heaven. Bondage does nothing but allow fear to control our lives. We must denounce our own guidance, guidance from our peers, guidance from the world, and from the guidance of the Church. Now we need to submit to the guidance of the SPIRIT in full faith. We can stand back and see how many are being led by the SPIRIT of God. Some are led by a spirit of error ( I TIM. 4:1 ),  some are led by the spirit of giddiness ( ISAIAH 14:14 ), another by the spirit of bondage, and others led by the spirit of this world ( I COR. 2:12 ), and, all of them are led by the unclean spirit. Knowing this we fall into a state of fear when we follow the law that is written on tablets. Grace, on the other hand, provides liberty and truth though the SPIRIT of adoption. In doing what the SPIRIT asks, we live, but by our own pursuits we die. It is to our salvation and our admonishment to crucify sin in our flesh. Bondage puts a barrier between us and God. Obedience is what is required by us for God to honor His promise. For those who fear must become honest with themselves. To live is the application of Christ’s death upon our lives, and the destruction of sin in us. If for any reason you may fear, it might be because you are still held in bondage by the unclean spirits that surround us, and are being convicted within your own heart knowing that you are not obeying what God’s Holy Spirit has placed on your heart.


Below is an account of one who is caught up in the present evil of this world. There must be the crucifixion of sin in all our members, and thoughts. We must diligently keep ourselves from occasions of sin and everything that might induce us to commit sin. The execution of sin within us begins with an opposition and resistance to sin with all our might. This is a hallmark indication of one who has the truth, and THE LIGHT in them. So it is, ” He that sows to the flesh, shall of the flesh reap corruption “, GAL. 6:8. Mortification is the hatred of sin from within EPH. 3:16. It comes from the strength of the Holy Spirit residing in us. Just because we might cease from external sins, the internal temptation is there. From that our fear is real. Sin, in all it’s forms, spiritually and physically, must be killed. So, below we see how the double minded person will have no place in God’s kingdom. ” Can two walk together, except they be agreed”?  AMOS 3:3.






But it's another thing entirely to be polluted by the world in the name of liberty and to exalt the flesh in the name of freedom.

I could hear the shock and pain in his voice. He could not believe what he had just seen at a birthday party for a pastor’s wife.

How could this be?

I received a text from this friend during my radio show, so I called him as soon as the show was over. What he told me brought tears to my eyes.

Please understand that the man calling me was no Christian prude.

He had lived a worldly life before meeting the Lord, and he knew the party scene well.

And he was no uptight, old-fashioned traditionalist, no fun-killing legalist.

He was simply a lover of Jesus who was mortified by the spirit of the world flooding into the church, and in a million years, he would never have believed that the party he attended was for the wife of a respected pastor.

He told me that the pastor functioned as the DJ, playing 30-40 songs over the night. Not one of the songs was Christian, and some of them were downright profane—meaning full of profanity and even celebrating pot and the like. These were the sounds that filled the room.

At one point, the wife of another leader climbed onto a chair, grabbed the ceiling to brace herself, then began to dance like a stripper.

This was at a party for Christian leaders!

But should we be surprised when we hear reports like this?

After all, to speak against sin today is to be “judgmental.”

To call for holiness is to be “legalistic.”

To live differently than the world is to be “religious.”

Yes, this is the putrid spiritual atmosphere we find ourselves in today.

I don’t know this pastor personally, but I do know that he errs on the side of “grace” and “liberty” and prides himself in not being “judgmental.”

And so, as grieved as I was to hear the report, I couldn’t say I was shocked, especially since this pastor openly celebrates his love for carnal entertainment.

You see, it’s one thing to welcome the worst of sinners into our midst, showing them the love of God, introducing them to Jesus, and being patient with them as we grow.

It’s one thing to show mercy to believers who fall, reaching out to them with compassion and gently leading them back to restoration.

It’s one thing to preach against legalism, which I define as externally imposed religion, meaning, laws without love, rules without relationship, and standards without a Savior.

And it’s one thing to extol God’s grace, recognizing that He loves on our good days and our bad days and that our relationship with Jesus is not measured by our latest spiritual accomplishment.

But it’s another thing entirely to be polluted by the world in the name of liberty and to exalt the flesh in the name of freedom.

Paul warned about this plainly, writing, “You, brothers, have been called to liberty. Only do not use liberty to give an opportunity to the flesh, but by love serve one another” (Gal. 5:13).

Peter warned about it as well, writing, “As free people, do not use your liberty as a covering for evil, but live as servants of God” (1 Pet. 2:16).

But there’s something even worse than abusing the freedom we have in Jesus, which, for the record, is freedom from sin not to sin.

It’s the fact that we cannot possibly have intimacy with God’s heart and, at the same time, indulge the flesh so freely. Something very deep is lacking in our relationship with God if we can party like the world without shame.

It is impossible to be close to the Father of lights and to love darkness, just as it is impossible to be in a close, intimate relationship with your spouse while living in unrepentant adultery. If you’re faithful to the one, you’ll hate the other.

Take a moment and bathe yourself in these beautiful words from Paul, then go back to the scene of that party, which my friend could barely convey in words, and ask yourself if the two are compatible:

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret.” (Eph. 5:1-12, ESV).

Do you want to be an imitator of God? I do!

Then let us walk in His life-giving, grace-filled light, loving what is good and hating what is evil. That is the life of a disciple of Jesus, and it is life indeed, life to the full.

But there’s one more part to this story, and it’s the most heartbreaking part of all: People will come flocking to hear this pastor preach on Sunday, loving his “no condemnation” message, continuing to live in sin and continuing to be comfortable in sin, deceived by this self-deceived leader. They love his message because they love the world.

May we all examine our own lives first, may we pray for this pastor and his family, and may we, as dearly loved children of the Father, “cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God” (2 Cor. 7:1, MEV)

(I encourage you not to try to figure out which pastor I’m talking about, as it could easily be one of hundreds, if not thousands. Let’s simply pray for him and examine our own lives.)

Michael Brown is the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show




We, like ” BETTY BOOP “, can easily say that we are saved by faith and not by works, but is this a HOLY attitude?  There is so much wonder in the hearts  of the people in this world when they look upon today’s Church. Should one look in the window where we assemble, what would one see? Would they be impressed with our moral convictions present in our outward appearance, or will they see Betty Boop and those that appear, even worse, than some in world? Would there be, at least outwardly, a mark of holiness for the world to see? Should we continue to claim we are Christian, yet produce no defining difference that can be seen by others? If we continue to think that we can be saved without having the Spirit of adoption, we are lying to ourselves.


Many come to our Lord Jesus Christ wanting salvation, but never pick up their cross to follow Him. Although, we are now not a slave to sin, we are now a  servant of our Lord, God. He paid the ultimate price on the cross for our salvation and He requires nothing but our full, and unwavering commitment to follow Him. All of our hearts are evil, who can know it, JEREMIAH 17:9, and our thoughts, if not centered on our Lord of our life, are vain and deceitful making us evil in God’s eyes because of our double-mindedness, PSALMS 119:113. Knowing that our Lord, God did not spare the angels when they sinned, II PETER 2:4, why do we think we can get away with living a life of iniquity. This brings me to the remainder of chapter 2 in II PETER. Read it again, and again; even the very elect, if possible, could be misled, MATTHEW 24:24.


No doubt we are adopted, but unless you receive the Spirit of adoption we have no chance of salvation. Double-mindedness has no place in the Kingdom of God,JAMES 1:6,7,8 ; and JAMES 4:8. I must admit that there are far more false prophets than we previously might have thought. Satan is more intelligent than we give him credit for. Sincerity is exhibited so confidently by these masked marauders. Their speech is so eloquent and they give the appearance of doing the work of God. ” Satan will allow his ministers to preach either the law or the gospel separately; but the law as established by faith in Christ’s righteousness and atonement, and the partaking of his Spirit, is the test of every false system. ” [ Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary],                                         II CORINTHIANS 11:13,14,15


These gospels are so close, but so far from the truth. In GALATIANS 1:8 we are told to be careful to not replace the righteousness of Christ for the works of the law. Even the rejection of the moral law dishonors our Lord. Yes, we are to be enthusiastic to do good works, but not to put them in the place of Christ’s righteousness. I CORINTHIANS 12:3 explains explicitly what God expects from His chosen people. He expects us not to call Jesus accursed but to call Jesus, Lord. Jesus IS the Supreme Being, God, and the Master, and Ruler of our lives. Only by the Spirit of adoption can the revelation of the ” WANT ” to please our Father in heaven, and to live a sacred life, morally structured to imitate the Holiness of our Lord, LEVITICUS 11:44; LEVITICUS 19:2; ROMANS 12:1; I CORINTHIANS 6:19; JAMES 4:4,5,6. The spirit of this world tells us to give to ourselves, and to save for ourselves, put our self first. In contrast the Spirit of adoption teaches us to do good to everyone around us.


The proud resist what God would have us to do. They resist the divine government set up for all believers as our Lord Jesus Christ deems for us, and satisfies their own passions. The humble pray for grace because they realize that they can’t function without it. Godly sorrow is a welcoming sign that the Spirit of adoption is working in you. Those who follow their passions scorn the Creator, and put themselves in the position to be the god of their life, PROVERBS 3:34. All this is centered in our desires to have what others have. We seem to place our inward drives towards all that only disappoints. Covetousness is the root of so many sins. We lust for one’s riches, house, spouse, personal belongings, attitude, and personality, etc. James puts a finger on the spirit of lust , ( ENVY ), JAMES 4:1-5


Let us not disappoint, we have been designed for God to dwell in us. That Spirit of adoption, the self-same HOLY SPIRIT, breeds a sense of love for one and another; on the other hand, the world breeds envy towards others. According to the world our sites should be directed towards our own gratification. Satan has, from the beginning, used our desires to overcome the desires God has for us. Our Lord, God is working in us for His good pleasure, not ours. This salvation we have obtained had a tremendous cost applied to it. Our hearts should work out our salvation in fear, and trembling, PHILIPPIANS 2:12. It is in well doing that God is pleased, and will extend the promise of salvation, ROMANS 2:7; GALATIANS 6:9.


By our very nature, we are in bondage to this world. The ultimate fear of this world is death. This world offers no remedy for an afterlife. Oh, there are people who offer their ideas, but no concrete evidence to support their claims. There is suddenly this notion to follow any, and every law that is needed to perform to gain the long sought after afterlife. Now we have a problem, if they fail to perform exactly the way the law states they will be destroyed. There is no offered remedy for their failure. They are obedient as those in a military mindset, not from love, but fear. To adhere to the entirety of the laws presented to them, they must be ruthless in their achieving such rewards such as eternal salvation.


In conclusion Paul suggests that only the freeman has the Spirit of adoption. Only the freeman can call the Father, ABBA. Only those children have the rare opportunity of love, confidence, and affection to approach our Lord without fear and trembling. the Spirit that we received is the Spirit of adoption; a Spirit of wanting to be called a son, and, or, daughter of God, and living up to such a pious position in God’s Kingdom. Being adopted we owe nothing, but the works that proceed from us are from the regeneration of our hearts by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of adoption.


May we all pray that we, our families, friends, and all who we meet, come to the salvation offered to us, for free, no strings attached, without fear, going boldly to the throne of the Eternal, and Almighty God, our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, ( I JOHN 5:20 ), crying ” daddy, daddy “, forgive me, and allow me to proclaim your name , declaring Your abundant mercy, and grace, undeserving, being washed by Your precious and unblemished blood for the forgiveness of our sins, past, present, and future, ( HEBREWS 10:26 ), but coming to You to allow us to receive such a great gift of the HOLY SPIRIT of adoption, AMEN!







Light is life, and life is light. According to God these two terms are quite similar. In Psalm 36:9 we read how the life is light. It is the life of God that is light. It is the light that defines darkness. Man in his finite wisdom is easily swayed to walk in darkness through the persuasions that Satan sets before us. However, we are not so innocent by doing what we deem to be right. Too many with good intentions are in hell, and there are many on the road to hell that are in the church. They come before the Lord with all the works that they have done in His name and He denounces them before the Father.

In Matt. 25:26, Jesus tells us about those who do not do what He has commanded to do will be sent away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. This “LIFE” is the “LIGHT” of the world. In Him was life; and the Life was the Light of men, John 1:4. However, in verse 9, John states that Jesus is true Light.

To grasp the intense gravity of this statement we must go to the book of Genesis. God has revealed to us, HIMSELF, He, self is revealed in chapter 1, verse 3, “And God said, let there be Light as Light”.

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard I was told, or, at least, like most of us, the created was to represent, light, yes, but never defined. Some are under the impression that it was just an illumination that God created to light up His work area, so to speak. In verse 4 God explains how the “LIGHT” was divided from the darkness. Whereas, God calls the “LIGHT” Day, and the darkness night.

Now, God makes His thoughts known as to what the Light, and the darkness, is. God created lights in the firmament between Light and darkness, Gen. 1:14. With these lights, and 2 more predominantly to rule the day and night of earth, the sun, and moon, took their place in the heavens to compliment the stars, also, to divide the LIGHT from the darkness.

QUESTION: What was the LIGHT God created, first? We know that Jesus is the Lord in, I Cor. 15:47. God has revealed Himself to us that have eyes to see, but, Lord give us not only the eyes to see, but ears to hear, Amen! Let’s take a little stroll back to Proverbs, chapter 8. This one Proverb describes God from the beginning to the end of this age. To make the comparison with Gen. 1:14, let’s take a walk with our creator as He talks about HIMSELF. In Prov. 8:22, Jesus, Jehovah, Himself, was with God in the beginning of His ways of old. Next, we see, and hear, Jehovah tell us that it is He that is from everlasting in verse 23.

Jehovah tells us that those of us who find Him finds Life. It sounds very similar as to what Jesus told us. Henceforth, let us praise our God, and creator for who He is, and for all He has done and will do. In many times past I’ve talked to you in proverbs, but there will be a time when I will not speak in proverbs; and I will plainly reveal the Father to you. That is the day you will ask me, and I will not say pray to the Father for you, because you believe that I am come forth from the Father, John 16:25,26,27.

https://youtu.be/7fs_J34cqKc   IN THE BEGINNING, THE ALPHA

Many may not agree wholly on all he teaches, PPSIMMONS, but the video serves the purpose that I am trying to convey; IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED LIGHT.

We live in an age when Satan has become the god of this world, again. To say that we weren’t warned would be a lie. Jesus said that before He would return it would be as in the days of Noe’. Before the flood all men were committing wickedness continually, Luke 17:26; Gen. 6:11,12. This world is not conforming to any resemblance of holiness that God requires from us, Lev. 11:44; I Peter 1:15.  Why should it? We go to church, religious assemblies, church picnics, church potlucks,…, you get the message; and how different do we look to the world, out there?

Whether in the church or be it at a church function, not to mention at work and school, there seems to be very little light to be seen. The young girls, as well as some mature women, and young men, as well as some mature men, dress, speak, and conduct their lives no different than those who have NEVER heard of the Name of Jesus. What are we to make of this? How many would even want to come to church? Christians, for the most part, look, act, and speak no different than that of those who we claim are not born again “. May we just see how our Lord, God, Jesus Christ views this kind of attitude, ” And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, so his evil deeds will not be seen. But he that does truth comes to the light, so his deeds will be seen , and that they are of God “. JOHN 3:19-21; and,  ” You are the light of the world. A city that sits on a hill cannot be hid. Let your light so shine before men, so they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven “, MATTHEW 5:14.

The way I take these statements are that we must be born again, walking, talking, dressing,  acting, studying Holy Scripture, praying, and just being a witnessto the world that Jesus Christ IS LORD! Our God is a consuming fire, ” DEUTERONOMY 4:24.  God is also a Spirit, and no man has seen God, JOHN 4:24. Picture this, take i match stick, a lighter, or anything that produces a flame, now use a flashlight, or anything that will produce a shadow of the flame,  what do you see? Try as you may, there will be nothing that will produce a shadow of a flame. God is Holy, and there is nothing in Him that will produce a shadow of darkness.

If I take a good assessment of my self, my right hand is made of flesh. Fire will consume my flesh. On the other hand, as pure, and Holy as God is, unless I have something to protect me, my spirit, the real me, which resides in the flesh, will also be totally consumed by God. If we are undistinguishable from those who are in the world, how, then, will our Lord, God distinguish us apart from those in the world? Yes, we are saved by grace, but faith without works is dead, JAMES 2:20,26.

As with Abraham, his faith was counted to him as righteousness, and so is ours; BUT, unless Abraham built the alter and attempted to sacrifice his son, Isaac, there would have been no righteousness attributed to Abraham. Not for a minute should we think that God requires nothing from us, Oh, yes, in the beginning, when we first become ” born again “, we are like infants; not required to do anything but act like the selfish human beings that we are, Now, after a couple of years there should be a noticeable change taking place. It starts on the inside at the point when we give our heart to the Lord, but our growth becomes evident on our outward man. Because of our love for Him, because of His love for us when we were yet sinners, we want to please Him, as one who is madly in love. This is the mind that one has towards our Lord, God when we become ” born again “.

It is a flame of fire, that when initiated may be as small as a mustard seed, but will grow into a flaming inferno when you realize that our Creator had placed His own Spirit in us; the same Spirit of His only begotten, our Lord Jesus Christ. Now that is what I call light. Anyone standing near us should be enlightened by the transformation of our lives because of our knowledge of the one who loves us. You heard of the term, ” get a room”, and that is the bubbly attitude we should have towards Jesus. Let’s refer back to the apostles.

Their hearts, and minds were illuminated with the truth of God. They began to learn about Him, then began to understand, then, one day, in the upper room, in a moment after much praying, a fire was lit, not just upon them all, but also within them all. There was no warning, but the Holy Spirit of God performed in them the same performance He replays in all who believe in THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Our God, The Father of Spirits, will glorify this body as He has glorified His flesh.