Light is life, and life is light. According to God these two terms are quite similar. In Psalm 36:9 we read how the life is light. It is the life of God that is light. It is the light that defines darkness. Man in his finite wisdom is easily swayed to walk in darkness through the persuasions that Satan sets before us. However, we are not so innocent by doing what we deem to be right. Too many with good intentions are in hell, and there are many on the road to hell that are in the church. They come before the Lord with all the works that they have done in His name and He denounces them before the Father.

In Matt. 25:26, Jesus tells us about those who do not do what He has commanded to do will be sent away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. This “LIFE” is the “LIGHT” of the world. In Him was life; and the Life was the Light of men, John 1:4. However, in verse 9, John states that Jesus is true Light.

To grasp the intense gravity of this statement we must go to the book of Genesis. God has revealed to us, HIMSELF, He, self is revealed in chapter 1, verse 3, “And God said, let there be Light as Light”.

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard I was told, or, at least, like most of us, the created was to represent, light, yes, but never defined. Some are under the impression that it was just an illumination that God created to light up His work area, so to speak. In verse 4 God explains how the “LIGHT” was divided from the darkness. Whereas, God calls the “LIGHT” Day, and the darkness night.

Now, God makes His thoughts known as to what the Light, and the darkness, is. God created lights in the firmament between Light and darkness, Gen. 1:14. With these lights, and 2 more predominantly to rule the day and night of earth, the sun, and moon, took their place in the heavens to compliment the stars, also, to divide the LIGHT from the darkness.

QUESTION: What was the LIGHT God created, first? We know that Jesus is the Lord in, I Cor. 15:47. God has revealed Himself to us that have eyes to see, but, Lord give us not only the eyes to see, but ears to hear, Amen! Let’s take a little stroll back to Proverbs, chapter 8. This one Proverb describes God from the beginning to the end of this age. To make the comparison with Gen. 1:14, let’s take a walk with our creator as He talks about HIMSELF. In Prov. 8:22, Jesus, Jehovah, Himself, was with God in the beginning of His ways of old. Next, we see, and hear, Jehovah tell us that it is He that is from everlasting in verse 23.

Jehovah tells us that those of us who find Him finds Life. It sounds very similar as to what Jesus told us. Henceforth, let us praise our God, and creator for who He is, and for all He has done and will do. In many times past I’ve talked to you in proverbs, but there will be a time when I will not speak in proverbs; and I will plainly reveal the Father to you. That is the day you will ask me, and I will not say pray to the Father for you, because you believe that I am come forth from the Father, John 16:25,26,27.   IN THE BEGINNING, THE ALPHA

Many may not agree wholly on all he teaches, PPSIMMONS, but the video serves the purpose that I am trying to convey; IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED LIGHT.

We live in an age when Satan has become the god of this world, again. To say that we weren’t warned would be a lie. Jesus said that before He would return it would be as in the days of Noe’. Before the flood all men were committing wickedness continually, Luke 17:26; Gen. 6:11,12. This world is not conforming to any resemblance of holiness that God requires from us, Lev. 11:44; I Peter 1:15.  Why should it? We go to church, religious assemblies, church picnics, church potlucks,…, you get the message; and how different do we look to the world, out there?

Whether in the church or be it at a church function, not to mention at work and school, there seems to be very little light to be seen. The young girls, as well as some mature women, and young men, as well as some mature men, dress, speak, and conduct their lives no different than those who have NEVER heard of the Name of Jesus. What are we to make of this? How many would even want to come to church? Christians, for the most part, look, act, and speak no different than that of those who we claim are not born again “. May we just see how our Lord, God, Jesus Christ views this kind of attitude, ” And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, so his evil deeds will not be seen. But he that does truth comes to the light, so his deeds will be seen , and that they are of God “. JOHN 3:19-21; and,  ” You are the light of the world. A city that sits on a hill cannot be hid. Let your light so shine before men, so they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven “, MATTHEW 5:14.

The way I take these statements are that we must be born again, walking, talking, dressing,  acting, studying Holy Scripture, praying, and just being a witnessto the world that Jesus Christ IS LORD! Our God is a consuming fire, ” DEUTERONOMY 4:24.  God is also a Spirit, and no man has seen God, JOHN 4:24. Picture this, take i match stick, a lighter, or anything that produces a flame, now use a flashlight, or anything that will produce a shadow of the flame,  what do you see? Try as you may, there will be nothing that will produce a shadow of a flame. God is Holy, and there is nothing in Him that will produce a shadow of darkness.

If I take a good assessment of my self, my right hand is made of flesh. Fire will consume my flesh. On the other hand, as pure, and Holy as God is, unless I have something to protect me, my spirit, the real me, which resides in the flesh, will also be totally consumed by God. If we are undistinguishable from those who are in the world, how, then, will our Lord, God distinguish us apart from those in the world? Yes, we are saved by grace, but faith without works is dead, JAMES 2:20,26.

As with Abraham, his faith was counted to him as righteousness, and so is ours; BUT, unless Abraham built the alter and attempted to sacrifice his son, Isaac, there would have been no righteousness attributed to Abraham. Not for a minute should we think that God requires nothing from us, Oh, yes, in the beginning, when we first become ” born again “, we are like infants; not required to do anything but act like the selfish human beings that we are, Now, after a couple of years there should be a noticeable change taking place. It starts on the inside at the point when we give our heart to the Lord, but our growth becomes evident on our outward man. Because of our love for Him, because of His love for us when we were yet sinners, we want to please Him, as one who is madly in love. This is the mind that one has towards our Lord, God when we become ” born again “.

It is a flame of fire, that when initiated may be as small as a mustard seed, but will grow into a flaming inferno when you realize that our Creator had placed His own Spirit in us; the same Spirit of His only begotten, our Lord Jesus Christ. Now that is what I call light. Anyone standing near us should be enlightened by the transformation of our lives because of our knowledge of the one who loves us. You heard of the term, ” get a room”, and that is the bubbly attitude we should have towards Jesus. Let’s refer back to the apostles.

Their hearts, and minds were illuminated with the truth of God. They began to learn about Him, then began to understand, then, one day, in the upper room, in a moment after much praying, a fire was lit, not just upon them all, but also within them all. There was no warning, but the Holy Spirit of God performed in them the same performance He replays in all who believe in THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Our God, The Father of Spirits, will glorify this body as He has glorified His flesh.


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