BCHOSEN is written in response to a burning desire to get the Gospel of the Lord Jesus out to the world, and more importantly, the sleeping Church. The irony of the Church of the Lord Jesus is they do claim to love one another, but it is hard to find that virtue being practiced anymore. We can belong to a congregation and not even know the name of the person sitting next to us, although the both of you had going to that same assembly for years. To make matters worse neither one of you invited the other to at least a cup of coffee. Jesus had said that the world would know us by the way we love one another.

This is in no way a rebuke at any one person or denomination. This is intended to help tear down some walls that we have built through the millennium. We can trace divisions in the Church not long after the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He alone had the power to lay down His life, in the flesh, and the power to raise it again. Jesus, today, is enjoying the glory He had with the Lord before He was sent.

Being Holy as our Father in heaven is Holy we need to recognize that these walls are real. There is one Lord, one God, and one Spirit, and there is only one Church. The sooner that we recognize these truths, the easier it will be for us here to sit with the King of Kings at the Marriage Super of the Lamb. We must embrace the truth of Jesus, because no man can say that Jesus is Lord, except by the Holy Ghost.




2 thoughts on “About – BCHOSEN

  1. i am chosen and have been persecuted greatly by man through demons. I am witnessing pagan Christians are the greatest of deceived and why are lukewarm. I am seeing that they will want us chosen killed, for they see an evil spirit vs Holy Spirit in US for having followed satan and not knowing it.

    Jesus is growing my strength in dying to the world now, so I can walk and bare the cross for them. I wonder if you or others are witnessing what I am? The persecution by Christians who do not hear His Voice? As well as witness the holy spirit’s fire rise in you against their wicked paganism they call good?


    • You are not alone. As we speak our Lord Jesus Christ is pouring out His Holy Spirit on all flesh. These are the beginnings of the end of days before the time of Tribulation. Not astonishing is the fact that Satan’s apostles are behind uncountable pulpits, today. He has convinced people that the gospel of Christ crucified is not the true gospel. Listen to pastors, religious forums, society, Hollywood, news sources, and they all preach the same gospel, ” tolerance “.

      Many have bought into that lie because they have no knowledge. Our merciful Lord has said that, ” My people perish because of lack of knowledge “, Jer. 4:22. As readily available as God’s Holy Spirit is, people refuse to listen and have hardened their hearts despite what Our Lord has commanded us. Jesus told us plainly of the Holy Spirit, John 6:36; * Deut. 18:15,18,19’&20.The Holy Scriptures are alive unlike those who think themselves to be the ones with the truth, John 6:63 They are referred to as :” THE LIVING WORD ” because we are told that in JOHN 1:1-4.

      Keep in mind that the cross you bear is yours and that cross only applies to you and nobody else. All of us must work out our own salvation, Phil. 2:12. What we can do is to pray for all the souls being deceived so that God may find mercy in His heart to reveal Himself to them and draw them to His Son. And that is the True Gospel, Christ crucified, I Cor. 1:23.

      Stand firm and put on the whole armor of Christ, and though ” we ” might fall, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. Shun away from doctrines of men, and pray that your faith be strengthened. Read His Word, let Him speak to you. Pray that His Spirit opens your ears and eyes to all His truth. His children will hear His voice. Though you might be reading His Word, again, it is alive, and keep still and listen to His voice, you’ll recognize Him.

      Keep reading the posts on http://www.bchosen.wordpress.com., and I also have another at, http://www.Bob-Hucik.Tumblr.com., / CHOSEN.

      Feel free to comment, or contact me at Bob1206@verizon.net. Invite others to follow ” TRUTH “.


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